Peter sent us this – thank you Peter!


Just wanted to send a picture of my daughter enjoying Elm road open space on her scooter. She regularly uses the park as we live in Elm road and it is one of the very few places that she can safely ride her scooter around Grays.

As she and her elder brother have been growing up they have both enjoyed using the facilities at Elm road open space and my son,now at college, still uses the running track and the ball playing areas with his friends so to lose this space would be a big loss to us and the local community.

Ever since Thameside school expanded and began using the Elm road open space entrance Elm road and Maple road have been an absolute nightmare in the mornings and evenings at drop off/collection time and sometimes come to a complete gridlock. Originally there were school staff deployed on the corner attempting to police the traffic but this soon stopped.

As I live in one of the houses that is near the corner of Elm/Maple roads it is sometimes impossible to park anywhere near my own house at this time so I dread to think what the situation would be with even more traffic using these roads.

Well done for bringing this plan to everyone’s notice and good luck in gaining support to oppose this.

Peter Clarke

Remember – take part by emailing us your photos or videos of you enjoying the park! elmroadopenspace AT gmail DOT com

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